What is Vaizle?

Vaizle is a social media analytics tool that makes social media analytics simple with Actionable insights.

With Vaizle, you can boost your social media performance with quick social media audits, social media benchmarking against your competitors and past performance, and social media competitive analysis.

The journey of Vaizle

Dec 2015

Got the idea to publish a digital marketing report on the Indian Premier League. To do so we built a rudimentary social media analytics tool.

(we called it Sazer then, short of social analyser. Sound like a Super Saiyan, doesn't it?)

May 2016

Published first-of-its-kind digital marketing report on ninth edition of the Indian Premier League. The report was downloaded by over a 100 brands in that month!

Sep 2016

Published similar report on Pro-Kabbadi League. Similar response!

Dec 2016

We decided to take it to the next level. We tracked 100 Indian startups and published quaterly social media report (which we have been doing since) on them. It was downloaded by over 500 brands!

Jan 2017

Decided to turn the rudimentary Sazer into Vaizle. And used social media to predict results of an election for the first time!

Mar 2017

We were now tracking 1000 profiles real-time!

Jul 2017

Vaizle could now track 5000 profiles, millions of likes, comments, and shares!

April 2018

Vaizle is live and ready to be used. You can sign up now.

Try any plan!

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