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Vaizle's Facebook ad performance tool provides you with an in-depth overview of your ad account while giving you the power to analyze your ad account at various levels corresponding to your set objective. Facebook Adset analysis, Facebook catalog ads analysis, in-depth analysis of your facebook campaign performance, and white label facebook ads reporting tool are some of the top features which will help you in analyzing the performance of your Facebook ads in a more enhanced and in a more concrete manner.

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Facebook AdSet Analysis

Using Vaizle Facebook AdSet (Impact) Analysis, you can track changes made to your adset. It allows you to make informed decisions by showing you which ad sets performed well and which ones didn't. The Impact analysis feature helps you evaluate your marketing strategy by analyzing which changes had the biggest impact on your campaign's performance. Additionally, Vaizle's notes feature lets you add important details about a particular Adset. These insightful notes will stay with you as you use Vaizle. It will make it easier to share information with your team members and refer back to it in the future.

Facebook Product Catalog Analysis

Discovering your hero products has never been easier! With Vaizle Facebook product catalog analysis or you can say by analyzing your Facebook catalog ads, you can track the performance of your catalog ad spends, also you can identify your best-performing products effortlessly. Vaizle allows you to eliminate products with low ad spend, ensuring you focus on the most impactful ones. The platform offers various metrics like click-through rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) to filter your product catalog effectively. You can improve the performance of your catalog ads of Facebook based on this analysis, and remove low-performing products with low ad spends. It will help you to know your catalogs better and hit better ROI for Facebook Ads.

Facebook Campaign Performance

Experience the power of the Vaizle Facebook Campaign Performance tool. Stay on top of your campaigns with periodic analysis, allowing you to track their performance daily, weekly, or monthly. Unlock data-driven insights by analyzing your chosen audience in a Facebook ad campaign. Discover the most effective age group, placement, or location for optimal results. But that's not all. Dive deeper into your ad campaigns by following users' journeys on your website through funnel analysis. Track the metrics that matter most to your business objectives and assess the returns on your ad spend at each stage of the funnel.

Facebook Ad Reporting Tool

The Vaizle Facebook Ads Reporting tool is your go-to solution for creating custom reports that look stunning in PDF format. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly include relevant graphs and KPIs to showcase your campaign, ad set, and ad-level data separately. By using the Google Sheet connector, you can seamlessly link your ad account data to any Google spreadsheet. Set your preferences, and the tool will automatically fetch data from your connected ad account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Not only that, but Vaizle also enables you to generate white-label reports with just a few clicks. From adding notes and comments to incorporating your logo, you can tailor the report to match your brand's image perfectly. Share it as a PDF or spreadsheet with your manager or clients according to their needs.

Facebook Ads to Google Sheet

By integrating Facebook Ads into Google Sheets, Vaizle enables tracking metrics like conversion, clicks, impressions, or costs. But Vaizle goes beyond simple tracking. It empowers you to create personalized and automated data analysis, saving you valuable time. Plus, you can easily share the results with your team, enabling everyone to make informed decisions. On top of that, Vaizle provides real-time insights on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Furthermore, it pulls detailed ad account reports directly onto your Google Sheets. This feature equips you with comprehensive information about your adsets, enabling you to make actionable and informed decisions.

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I created a Facebook Group that is quite challenging to grow. The niche I am in lends itself to more activity on Instagram and Twitter so I used Vaizle to expand my reach on those 2 platforms to gain followers that were later invited to join the Facebook Group.

Could it be done the same way without Vaizle? Of course! But it would have been so slooooowww...Vaizle is exactly what I needed with my current marketing strategy.



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