Free Tool for Facebook Ads Analytics

Get a comprehensive overview of your Facebook Ad Campaigns Performance using our FREE Facebook Ads Analytics tool

Login using your Facebook account and then just select the account you want to analyse.

Free Tool for Facebook Ads Analytics

Use this tool to get a quick Facebook Ad Campaign Analysis.

Account Overview

Analyse the performance of your Facebook Ad Accounts by measuring your Ad spent, CPC, link clicks, purchases, RoAS- using Vaizle Facebook Ads Analytics tool. Applying these insights helps you to craft and curate a better advertising strategy.

Funnel Analysis

Go beyond tracking conversions, and figure out how people are converting and dropping off your funnel with Vaizle Funnel Analysis. Get accurate insights into user flows, and improve your overall funnel's performance.

Periodic Analysis Of Ad Account

Receive daily and weekly insights of your Facebook Ad accounts performance and measure the important KPIs of your campaign to find out campaign’s spend, ROAS, CPL and likewise.

Great facebook ads analytics doesn't have to be that expensive. Deliver an effective campaign and Increase advertising profitability with data-driven Facebook Ad Campaign Analysis.Try Facebook Ads Analysis Tool for free.Use data and Facebook learnings to plan your Ads budget smarty.Go from reactive to proactive FB Ads campaigns with Facebook Ads Analytics. Plan for higher revenue with same budget.

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