Export Google Ads Data to Google Sheet For Free

Consolidate your marketing insights effortlessly by syncing your Google Ads data to Google Sheets for real-time updates. This ensures you have access to consistent and up-to-date information at your fingertips. Through this tool, you can effortlessly create customized reports to showcase your data effectively.

Export google ads data to Google sheet
Google ads report to google sheets
Google ads to google sheet
export google ads data

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How to Export your Google ads data to Google Sheet from Vaizle Google Sheet Connector?

Step 1

Start using Vaizle’s Google ads connector by signing in to your Google account.


Step 2

Provide access to Vaizle so that it can fetch data to Google Sheet.


Step 3

To get your account connected, choose the Google ads account as the source from the dropdown list.


Step 4

Set up the data destination by indicating your "Google sheet link" where you need to fetch the data for your Google ads and assign the sheet name, according to you.


Step 5

Next, click on the “export to google sheet” option, and you will get all your Google ads data to your Google sheet for the last 1 month.


Why to export Google ads data to Google Sheets

Get Tailored Automated Reports:

Through the integration of Google Ads with Google Sheets, you can generate tailor-made, automated and flexible reports. This integration provides valuable insights and updated information. You can access real-time information easily without the hassle of manually inputting data. By using Vaizle free tool of exporting Google ads data to Google sheet you can save time by easily share them with your stakeholder. This free tool increases efficiency and accuracy, enabling you to work effectively.

Make Quick Decisions:

Automatically export Google Ads data to Google Sheets to facilitate data-driven decision-making. This tool effortlessly synchronizes metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs into Google Sheets. With access to real-time information, you can make swift decisions. These reports will assist you in identifying ongoing trends and evaluating what works best for your Google ad campaigns. This analysis empowers you to make proactive decisions.

Analyze Google Ads account specifically

Effortlessly import Google Ads data into Google Sheets for your designated ad accounts. Tailor your data selection to align with your goals and target audience, allowing for a more precise analysis. This functionality empowers you to conduct in-depth, account-level analyses. By honing in on individual accounts, you can swiftly implement strategic optimizations to consistently enhance their performance.

What are the Data you can export from Your Google ads account to Google sheet

Actionable Insights

You can effortlessly export Google Ads reports to Google Sheets for all of your advertising accounts. This tool effortlessly retrieves data from multiple Google accounts and integrates it into your Google Sheet as needed.

Account Level Analysis

Using Vaizle's free Google Ads connectors tool, you can obtain actionable insights and in-depth analysis for your Google Ads accounts on a account level. Understand the "engagement" for your Google ads account for the last month by sorting reports daily.

Easily fetch Google ads data daily

From Google Ads connectors, with just a few clicks you can manually fetch Google ads data to Google Sheets on a daily basis. Through this tool, you can compare your performance with past records and make a better strategy accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you export Google ads data to Google Sheet?
Yes, Google ads data can be easily exported to Google Sheet with the help of Vaizle’s Google ads connector. Try Vaizle for free and get your Google ads data to Google Sheet in no time.
How do I export Google ads data to Google Sheet?

You can import Google ads data to Google Sheet from Vaizle free tool of Google ad connector. Log in to Vaizle using your Google account > Give access to Vaizle > Select the account for which you want data > Attach Google Sheet > Fill your requirements > Press Export.

Which tool is used for getting Google ads directly on your Google sheet?

Vaizle’s Free Google ads account connector tool can be used to get Google ads directly on your Google sheet.

How do I connect Google ads data to Google Sheet for free?

With the help of Vaizle’s free “Google ad connector tool,” you can connect your Google ads data directly to Google Sheet.

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I have been a user of Sprout Social for over 5 years and spend money EVERY month to keep the data coming. As a social media marketing company, it's important for all of my clients to know how effective their campaigns are. After playing around with Vaizle, I have found great value in their robust analytical data and the ability to compare my clients to their competitors. Another great feature you will LOVE is the custom REPORTS!!! This feature alone is invaluable!

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