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You can analyze the vital parameter of your Google ads campaign by using the Vaizle Free Google ads audit tool. From Vaizle's free Google ads account audit tool you get a comprehensive overview and a detailed funnel-level analysis for all your Google ads campaign performance.

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What is Google Ad Analytics Tool?

By using our adwords audit tool, you can discover what people do after clicking your Google ads and make the appropriate analysis based on that information. Vaizle Free Google Ads Audit tool gives you a detailed insight into your product catalog ads, which will allow you to identify your hero products and optimize your Google ads account accordingly.


How to Audit
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Boost your Google ads audit from Vaizle advanced Google ads audit tool

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Choose the Google Ads Account to Analyze

Drive actionable insights by selecting your Google ad account.

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Unlock the detailed insights for your Google ads account

Start analyzing and get advanced insights about your Google Ad account.

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What You’ll Get From The Free Google Ads Analysis Tool??

Boost your Google ads campaigns from Vaizle free Google ads account audit. See what's working, track important numbers, and make your ads better using metrics like Google ads CTR, CPC, and link clicks from your Google ads campaigns.

Get detailed insights into your Google Ads campaign performance

Vaizle's free Google ads account audit tool will monitor, analyze, and optimize your Google Ads campaign or adset effortlessly. It will provide insights for metrics like total cost, total purchases, click, and CTR on a daily & weekly basis.

Give an edge on your marketing strategies and improve your campaign performance with these actionable insights.


Analyze the performance of all your Google Ads campaigns

Discover the benefits of analyzing your Google Ads using the free google ads audit tool by closely monitoring your Google adwords campaigns. You can improve your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) using helpful metrics like conversion rates and clicks.

Use these insights to create a powerful marketing plan to increase your overall revenue and RoAS.


Analyze all your Google ads keyword Performance

Using the free Google ads audit tool your can enhance your Google ads campaign's performance by analyzing Google adwords keyword effectiveness. Access the quality score for each search term in your active Google ad account campaigns.

Get a comprehensive overview of keywords used in each campaigns and make effective marketing decisions for your campaigns to optimize them accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see my Google Ad Analytics?

To view your Google Ad Analytics through Vaizle, login with your Gmail id with which your google ad account is linked and select the Google ad account. Vaizle’s free Google Ad Analysis tool helps to get comprehensive information and analysis of your Google Ad accounts from one dashboard. It gives you an account overview, daily & weekday analysis, campaign overview, keyword analysis, product analysis and much more.

How do I analyze my Google Ad campaign?

With Vaizle’s Google Ad Analytics tools you can get a quick overview of your Google Ad campaign. The table gives you a comprehensive and customized view of all your data including, Adspent, Reach, Impressions, Reactions, Comments, Shares, Post saved and Pages liked, (cost), CPC and CPM.

How do I use Google Ads Analysis?
To use Vaizle’s free Google Ads Analysis tool, login with your Gmail id with which your google ad account is linked and select the Google ad account. Once logged in, you will have an overall insight about your Google ads performance.
How do you analyze a Google Ad audience?

Use Vaizle’s free Google Ad Analytics tool to analyze Google ads audience. Once logged-in, you can analyze your audience demographics like gender, age, from which country you are getting the most engagement and likewise.

What KPIs are important to track for Google Ads?
To evaluate the Google ad performance of your ad campaign, you need to track the following KPIs in Google Ads: clicks, ad spend, reach, impressions, purchases, cost and purchases, conversion value, conversion value by cost, click-through rate, cost per conversion, and cost per click.

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I have been a user of Sprout Social for over 5 years and spend money EVERY month to keep the data coming. As a social media marketing company, it's important for all of my clients to know how effective their campaigns are. After playing around with Vaizle, I have found great value in their robust analytical data and the ability to compare my clients to their competitors. Another great feature you will LOVE is the custom REPORTS!!! This feature alone is invaluable!