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From checking your social media page’s performance to Social Media RoI calculator—you have FREE social media analytics tools for your marketing needs. These Free analytics tools help you analyze your complete social media accounts.

Free Facebook Page
Analytics Tool

A powerful tool to determine the performance of your Facebook business page & get insightful visualization to track, monitor, and measure your critical metrics on Facebook. Tap into these essential insights & leverage these data to give audience a more authentic & personalized business experience.

Free Instagram Page
Analytics Tool

Grow your brand’s visibility on Instagram with Vaizle’s Instagram page analytics tool. Receive daily and weekly insights into your business page performance, conduct demographic analysis, track crucial metrics, and discover top-performing posts- from a single dashboard.

Free LinkedIn Page
Analytics Tool

Receive insights into LinkedIn top-performing posts, understand the reach and success of your LinkedIn page, identify the industries your followers belong to, and visually analyze key LinkedIn metrics on a daily or weekly basis using Vaizle’s Linkedin page analytics tool.

Free Social Media ROI

Use this social media analysis tool free to get an estimate of how your social media activity will impact your revenue numbers. Designed for organic campaigns, social media RoI calculator will show you if your organic social campaigns will be profitable.