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Vaizle’s Google Ads Keyword Analytics Feature provides analysis and selection of relevant keywords for advertising campaigns based on search volume, competition and relevance to target audience. Sign up now!

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Analyze Keywords Performance

Through Vaizle's Adword keyword analysis, you can identify which keywords are getting the most engagement to trigger an advertisement. Get detailed analysis for each match type to optimize ad and improve the relevance

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Refine Ad Strategy

Track which keywords are getting the most engagement using Vaizle's Google Ads Keyword Analysis, and analyze platform metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-click for each in your campaign to optimize ad targeting and refine keyword strategies

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Filter Irrelevant Keywords

Vaizle’s Google Ad Word Analytics Feature helps identify negative keywords irrelevant to the advertiser’s product or service, leading to wasted ad spend. Check analytics and performance data to filter your non-performing keywords with least spend to improve overall ads performance.

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