One among the other things we're proud of is our close knitted and committed team. Together, we're on a journey to help companies and brands across the world use the power of social media analytics.

Nitan Jain

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Product Officer

Shavi Pathania

Chief Technical Officer

Siddharth Dwivedi

Chief Marketing & Content Officer

Ashima Gupta

Sr. Business Development Executive

Rohit Saini

Performance Marketer & Analyst

Our Support System

Trees would not stand if they didn't have their roots in the earth.

For us to build Vaizle, there were people who have helped us form the roots and kept us going through tough times with their support. And even not a part of team, they are more than that.

Vikas Mangla

Chief Executive Officer at Digital ROI

Chris Field

Startup Growth Consultant