Social Media Competitor Analysis Tool

Vaizle provides you with a social media competitive analysis tool to comprehend and surpass your competitor's social media strategy over Facebook and Instagram. This will help you acquire a competitive edge over your top competitors. Instagram and Facebook followers analyzer, and hashtag analytics of Facebook and Instagram are the top features that will help you to analyze your competitor's strategy and plan your future strategy accordingly.

A follower analyzer on Instagram and Facebook, as well as hashtag analytics on Facebook and Instagram, are the top features that will help you analyze your competitors' strategies.

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Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool

Use Vaizle's Facebook competitor analysis tool to gain actionable insights regarding your competitors with metrics like fan growth, engagement rate, popular hashtags, and top-performing posts.

Moreover, explore your own data to discover what truly resonates with your audience. Compare your brand's activity with competitors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and craft winning strategies that leave your competitors in the dust.

Maximize reach with metrics like brand activity, brand, and video engagement.

Vaizle's Facebook competitor analysis tool offers deep insights into your brand's activity. In comparison to your competitors, Vaizle provides you with data-driven results about video and brand engagement, letting us know what works best for your target audience.

It uncovers the winning formula by discovering the most effective post types. It also provides daily, weekly, and monthly comparisons against your competitors which will help you maximize your reach.

Instagram Competitor Analysis Tool

Using Vaizle's Instagram competitor analysis tool to evaluate your competitor's brands through single dashboard access by evaluating metrics like rate of engagement, fan growth, winning hashtags, or top-performing posts.

Effortlessly compare your brand's activity to competitors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It will help you to identify what is working best among your competitors and how you can draft your own content strategy.

Maximize reach with metrics like brand activity, brand, and video engagement.

Boost your brand with Vaizle's Instagram competitor analysis. Get data-driven insights about your brand activity which includes how the brand engaged with your audience giving information for video engagement separately

Compared with competitors you can discover what type of posts works best for you and them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through which you can frame your content better.

Social Media Trend

Trending hashtags and keywords on Facebook can be identified and tracked using the Vaizle Facebook trend analysis tool. Take a look at what works for other brands and incorporate that into their own strategy by looking at the top-performing posts for searched keywords and hashtags.

Vaizle also offers an Instagram trend analysis tool. Using this feature users can track engagement around brand hashtags and keywords to know how they perform and generate engagement on top-performing posts which will help you boost your Instagram profile. Make your Instagram marketing efforts more impactful with these insights.

Social media cross-
channel analysis

Gain valuable insights into your brand activity, and engagement across multiple platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and beyond. Understand what works and what doesn't with comprehensive data-driven reports, which will help you to understand on which social media platform, your account is giving more engagement to you. Vaizle empowers you to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions and plans the future content that drives your brand's success from its social media cross-channel analysis.

  • Compare performance across various social media platforms
  • Visualize cross-channel impact

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I created a Facebook Group that is quite challenging to grow. The niche I am in lends itself to more activity on Instagram and Twitter so I used Vaizle to expand my reach on those 2 platforms to gain followers that were later invited to join the Facebook Group.

Could it be done the same way without Vaizle? Of course! But it would have been so slooooowww...Vaizle is exactly what I needed with my current marketing strategy.



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