Despite all its popularity, social media marketing is still an enigma to business owners and in some cases even marketing teams themselves. As per a Sprout Social report, every 1 in 2 marketers feels that calculating social media ROAS is their number one challenge.

So we built this Social Media ROI calculator for Social media to solve this problem:

  • Use this ad spend roi calculator to predicate ROI of social media campaigns based on previous benchmark data.
  • Calculate Social ROI online of the current campaigns based on the data points available.


Exclude paid social traffic with this ROI calculator. For that, we’ve created a Facebook Ads RoI calculator for you. Also, if your website focuses on generating leads rather than direct online sales, your average lead-to-closing rate becomes important.

Generating Leads or Direct Sales?

Are you aiming to generate leads or sales through your social media posts. This is necessary to be able to properly frame the expectations with the marketing budget and calculate ROI online.

How Much Traffic Are You Generating From Social Media?



This is a measure of the number of website sessions whose source was social media. If you’ve already run a campaign, you can check this data in Google Analytics.

50 K

What Is The Conversion Rate On Your Website (or landing page)?



This is the percentage of traffic from social media that converts into leads or makes purchases on your website. You can calculate this by dividing total number of conversions on your website by total traffic from social media and then dividing it by 100.

3.5 %

What Is The Lead-To-Closing Rate For Your Business?



This is a percentage measure of how many leads your sales team is able to close into successful deals.

30 %

What Is The Average Transaction Size For Your Business?



This is the total revenue you expect on an average from your customers over their lifetime. This data can again be accessed either from your sales dashboard or Google Analytics.


Cost Of Running Social Media Campaigns



This includes the cost of your social media team or hiring a social media agency including costs of all the tools and content creation.



Number Of Expected Leads


Number Of Sales/Purchases


Total Revenue




It's critical to create social media marketing goals before using a tool like the Vaizle Social media ROI Calculator. Define your goals and objectives and steer clear of vanity metrics like likes and followers, which don't always accurately indicate ROI.

The Social media ROI Calculator from Vaizle helps you Calculating ROI on social media online fast and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Calculate Social Media ROI?
Social media ROI is calculated by measuring all social media actions that create value, divided by the investment you made to achieve those actions. Calculating tangible returns could be tricky as it involves intangible values like time along with money and other resources. To make it easy, you can use Vaizle’s FREE social media ROI calculator and get a complete overview of your social media returns. It will aid you in making better marketing decisions.
What Are The Benefits Of Social Media ROI Calculator Tools?

Social media ROI calculator offers marketers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Helps plan better social media marketing strategies.

  • Shows measurable impact of your actions.

  • Identities which social media efforts give maximum returns.

  • Helps allocate your time, money and resources efficiently to get better returns.

To calculate ROI of social media, you can use Vaizle’s social media ROI calculator and get an estimated value on your investment.

Which Is The Best Tool To Calculate Social Media ROI?

There are many tools that can be used to calculate Social Media ROI. But the best and the most intuitive among them is Vaizle’s social media ROI calculator. Here you will get a detailed ROI on your Social Media efforts - without any hassle. 


Here are the steps to calculate social media ROI with Vaizle’s ROI calculator:


Step 1: Decide whether you aim to generate leads or make direct sales.Accordingly, select that option on Vaizle’s Social Media ROI calculator. 

Step 2: Then, enter the  amount of traffic you are generating from social media.

Step 3: Enter the conversion rate on your website (landing page).

Step 4: Select the “average transaction size for your business

Step 5: Lastly, enter the cost of running your social media campaigns. 


Once all the correct values are entered, you will get the accurate ROI on your Social Media efforts.

How Do Social Media ROI Calculator Tools Help You To Save Your Time?
Social media ROI calculator takes off the burden of wasting endless hours using complicated formulas for calculating social media ROI. Using Vaizle’s Social Media ROI calculator, you can calculate the returns instantly, provided you enter all the required values accurately.
What Does ROI Mean In Social Media?
ROI, or Return on Investment in social media, evaluates your gain from your social media efforts compared to the cost of making those efforts. Here’s a simple formula for how to calculate ROI for social media: (Value achieved – investment made) / investment made X 100 = social media ROI

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